The school started with the aim to help young boys and girls irrespective of community, caste and creed to acquire a complete education of body mind and soul and help them to develop their total personality in preparing for taking a useful, effective and purposeful place in this competitive world. we help them build strong character, social responsibility and moral values which enable them to make a noticeable contribution to society and also help them to overcome the failures of life. The school aims at imparting complete and high-quality education in the true sense of the word, not only by way of high academic standards, but also to go out into the world equipped in body, mind, and spirit to lead a full and useful life satisfying to oneself and of true value to the community and disciplined lifestyle and a feeling of happy friendship among students. The school is rooted firmly in the Indian culture and soil, students are motivated to recognize the value of global culture. The school offers facilities for a variety of games, sports, and co-curricular activities, project work so as to relate education to a real experience.

Our approach to education is to remove the gap between the present education system and strive for Socio-Economic justice by providing high-quality value-based education in a conducive environment with a good foundation in English and also to provide basic insight and understanding into the social economic and political structure of our society.

The school has one more unit for the hearing impaired children. this school is one of its kind in the whole of the Kumaon region.